Videos on Liberal Arts in Europe

Videos on Liberal Arts in Europe

Every week, the ELAI database keeps growing slowly and now it includes videos. Youtube, and sometimes Vimeo, became important channels for institutional PR and attracting potential students. While often underestimated by some faculty and researchers, such channels provide valuable information in a whole different form.

Liberal arts being liberal arts, some are getting creative about it. They host staff and student interviews, stream live broadcasts, webcast events, and, in many cases, offer brief introductions to their liberal arts degrees. These short clips offer an insight into the students’ (study) life at the corresponding institutions, an overview of the curriculum, the location, the type of degree earned and much more. We can promise you that the impression of watching videos from few different institutions in one session would make it worth sparing few minutes on youtube.

We have identified more than 60 links to video channels of ELAI institutions, and in most cases were able to create a link leading directly to only movies related to the liberal arts programme. The majority of those is in English. Feel invited to browse our updated ELAI database with the new column “video” to take a look for yourself.

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