News on Liberal Arts in Europe, Mar. ’18

News on Liberal Arts in Europe, Nov. 17

Remember this blog post? With spring just around the corner, we can offer you another small news flash on conferences and workshops on liberal arts education in Europe. As most of the events will take place in the upcoming weeks, we hope to provide you with another overview by mid-2018. As always, if we have missed something, feel free to email us at:

Mapping the Liberal Arts of GALA, Moscow, Russia

On March 23-24, the Liberal Arts College at the Russian Presidential Academy for National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA) in Moscow hosted a GALA workshop, brining together colleagues from various liberal arts programmes based in Europe, North America and Russia. The workshop aimed at sharing experiences of setting up liberal arts programmes in different national settings and, not unlike ELAI, “to map liberal arts provision and practices across GALA and identify focal points that could strengthen cooperation between partner institutions”. The workshop’s outcomes will be distributed to the GALA network soon - if you want to find out more, here is a first summary of that meeting with more promised to come on GALA website.

Student of AUC and UCF to receive the Erasmus Prize for Liberal Arts and Sciences 2018, Freiburg, Germany

This year's Erasmus Prize for Liberal Arts and Sciences will for the first time go to a B.A. student in liberal arts, Roosje van der Kamp. Roosje van der Kamp is awarded this prize which is used to distinguish research projects that underscore the importance of a Liberal Arts and Sciences approach to knowledge and theories of knowledge for her thesis on the Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard and what we can learn from his concept of depression for today’s time and age. From the official acknowledgment: “Van der Kamp’s thesis was praised not only for its astute understanding of Kierkegaard’s work, but also for the argumentation and interdisciplinary breadth displayed in connecting philosophy to psychological and psychiatric discourses, which ultimately contributes to a better understanding of the prevalence of depression in modern society”. The award ceremony is set to take place at the University of Freiburg on 6 June 2018 and will certainly be announced here.

"Interdisciplinarity: Science, Education, and Business", St. Petersburg, Russia

Have you thought about visiting St. Petersburg State University lately? This might be your chance: The Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences a.k.a. Smolny College invites you to their international conference on interdisciplinarity dedicated to liberal arts education in St. Petersburg, 05-07.04.2018. The aim is to engage in in-depth discussion about interdisciplinarity in the context of science, business and education, but also to share experiences of implementing Liberal Arts programmes of study with participants ranging from US, Russia, and the rest of Europe. As is the tradition of this annual conference, the working languages of the conference are English and Russian with simultaneous translation. More information on program and registration can be found here.  

1st Liberal Education Student Symposium (LESS), Black Forest, Germany

Organised by University College Freiburg in an actual nearby mountain cabin in the Black Forest on 13-15.04.2018, this first Liberal Education Student Symposium (LESS) will focus on philosophy, theory and practice of liberal arts education and its political connotations. The organisers have just updated their website with more information on LESS and a really promising schedule for those days of intimate discussions. If you cannot make it this time, do take a chance to review their creative approaches to discussing liberal arts -- and make sure to watch out for a potential 2nd LESS. If you do not like waiting, take a look at 3rd LESC instead.   

3rd Liberal Education Student Conference (LESC), Utrecht, The Netherlands

The third edition of LESC is happening in Utrecht, 10-13.05.2018, appropriately for the 20th anniversary year of the first University College in the country. A four day event would attract over 110 students from liberal arts colleges and programmes throughout Europe. This conference will discuss and follow the central question: “What does our changing society need from Liberal Education, and to what extent is your Liberal Education programme providing this?”. The conference’s programme is a work in progress and the website is updated regularly.

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