ELAI Holiday Message

Dear Fellow Liberal Artisan,

2017 was full of events marking steady growth in both actions and public perception of liberal arts education in Europe. European Liberal Arts Initiative (ELAI) was founded on the firm belief that information is key to cooperation and what we need most is more linkages between people involved in those initiatives. It does not mean we have to agree on everything, quite the contrary; it means that the best way forward would be if we meaningfully engage in multi-dimensional conversation of what liberal arts education did, does, could and should mean in European context.

The ambition of ELAI is to facilitate such discussion by offering a hub containing a growing amount of institutional data, academic and non-academic resources, news on events and developments, and hopefully commentaries that can be relevant to other people involved or interested in liberal arts in Europe and beyond. We would like to take this chance to invite you to consider helping us strengthen the liberal arts education movement by sharing information related to both your institution and your personal experience or reactions to any content we did or will publish. We do not ask for appraisal, but fair feedback or friendly tips. Despite our best intentions, mistakes might happen, and it is often impossible to see from a distance what a particular programme does - much less what is in the works for the future. The latter might actually be fascinating to hear for other people working daily on building liberal arts in Europe.

Let us take a chance to wish you happy holidays and a successful New Year.

Tim Hoff & Daniel Kontowski

Daniel & Tim

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