ELAI goes live

A new page, a new chapter, a new book - whatever you might want you call it, this is it. The European Liberal Arts Initiative (ELAI) goes online for the very first time.

Right now, our website is still growing. We consider it as work in progress after all. We are confident to go online rather sooner than later and work with the feedback that we get at this early stage. We are very happy to launch the website right now and cannot wait to present it at different conferences.

As ELAI is an ongoing project, it benefits from feedback, suggestions and mentions of initiatives we might have missed. If you have any comments or criticism on our project, feel free to get in touch with us: info@liberal-arts.eu.

Our next blog posts will cover some of the key features of this website, upcoming conferences and much more.

Best regards,
Daniel & Tim


  1. Jakob

    Brilliant website, immensely useful, very easy to get around here and lots of helpful stuff!
    Thanks for this – and keep up the good work!

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