What is Liberal Education and what could it be?


Edited by
Jakob Tonda Dirksen, Daniel Kontowski, and David Kretz

Jacob van de Beeten, Brita Bergland, Jeannine Bringmann, Nathan Cooper, Teun J. Dekker, Clara Haberberger, Margarethe Hattingh, Marie Josefine Hintz, Leon Kaiser, Daria Kleeva, Nathalie Kornet, Arthur Peirce, Svetlana Poleschuk, Sanne Thierens, Lukas Törner, Sem Vine, and Jesse Vogt

This ebook is a collection of European students’ voices on their liberal education. It is not a comparative, scholarly study of student experience in liberal education programmes, although it might serve as a first step towards such an inquiry. Rather, it invites its readers to explore the nature, promises, and pitfalls of liberal education in Europe, and to initiate into the diversity of institutional and curricular arrangements, as they are perceived by those who took part in them.

Researchers and journalists that are already covering liberal education will hopefully find in students’ insider perspectives valuable and original contributions to their field of interest. Their accounts might also offer inspiration and caveats to those administrators, faculty, and sponsors currently running liberal education initiatives or considering doing so in the future. Last but not least, prospective liberal arts students will get a better idea of what to expect, current ones will find that others perhaps share their joys and struggles, and former ones can remember a formative phase in their lives.

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